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The microbiome

Paintings and explorations on the human microbiome
We are made of many things, and many kinds of things.

Finger prints and air prints

Me and my other self (selves)

Other self-portrait and Non self-portrait

Other landscapes

Bellybutton portraits

How these were made


Developed at the Bioart Summer Residency at the School of Visual Arts, 2013.


And most of these things are alive, and not human. I'm interested in exploring this other self, called the human microbiome - who is it? How does it change how we see ourselves? This project used scientific methods to collect samples of microorganisms from the skin of the head and hands of the artist. The samples were plated on different growth media that helps different kinds of organisms grow.


Other Self-Portrait is a digital composite of all the cultures grown from my face.  Other Non-Self Portrait is a digital composite of all the plates grown from environmental samples, including the floor, the air and the table I worked on.




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