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Group Selfie: a new kind of selfie for a city, combining the microbiome of the environment and of its people.
Group selfie: Raleigh and You
Microbial cultures from the city and its inhabitants

Commission by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, supported with a residency at North Carolina State University.


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“Group Selfie: Raleigh and You” is a play on the traditional concept of a group selfie.  A group selfied usually captures a number of individuals and maybe a bit of background - this piece does the same but only in microbial form!  For this piece, microbial samples of 25 individuals were cultured along with samples from sites all over Raleigh.


Our microbiome comes initially from our mothers and eventually from our environment and each other.  The differences between our microbiomes speak of our individual histories and lives while the similarities connect us all.  Each colored circle above indicates where a human sample (bellybutton) was placed.  

Are you in this picture?

Many of the visitors who attended the Sneak Peek event for the opening of Invisible You participated.   Find yourself: samples are numbered starting at the top left, going right and down.

1    Susan, 2    Emily, 3    Tim, 4    Carol, 5    Winston, 6    Mal, 7    Marc, 8    Frances, 9    Tay (Fay?), 10    Elizabeth, 11    Herb, 12    Lee, 13    Marty, 14    Andy, 15    Roy, 16    Jennifer, 17    Liz, 18    Michael, 19    Paula, 20    Eric, 21    Rob, 22    Katey, 23    Jamie, 24    Mariah, 25    Dawn

If you participated but not on this piece, see other microbial landscapes here.

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