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Other Selves: a microbial portrait of Raleigh

by Carla Burgess

NC Naturalist

Fall 2016

14 Emerging Women Artists to Watch in 2017

by Sarah Cascone


December 21, 2016

Joana Ricou: Self Portraits And Belly Buttons

by Jordan Hanson

The Culture Trip

Dec 26, 2016

Nonhuman Subjectivities: Humans Can Learn from the Political Make-Up of Our Bacteria

by Alice Bardos

April 2016

Berlin Art Link

Your Navel Lint Makes a Beautiful Portrait as Unique as Your Fingerprint

by Jennifer Ouellette

Feb 26, 2016


Petri Dish Portraits Of The Belly Button's Bacteria

by Tom Hale

February 25, 2016


Belly Button Art: Bacteria portraiture in petri dishes goes on display

By Alex Wheeler

February 25, 2016

International Business Times


The beauty in your BELLY BUTTON: Artist uses fluff and bacteria from navels to create works of art that are 'unique as fingerprints'
by Abigail Beall

March 2016

Daily Mail

Navel gazing: portraits of the bacteria in our belly buttons – in pictures

The Guardian

Feb 24, 2016

BioArt: Joana Ricou shows the Beautiful Similarities of the Microbiome

Denise Neves Gameiro

February 2016

Other selves - the art of Joana Ricou

Life Science Foundation magazine, Fall 2015

See article


The value of art to science

Your Wildlife blog

Rub Dunn

June 4th, 2015

Featured in Arts and Sciences Factory:



Artists Reveal the Bacterial Beauty of the Human Microbiome

Shanacy Ferro

June 23, 2015


Artistas portugueses em festival de museu nova-iorquino

Lusa, May 29, 2015

Público, P3


The Next Page / CMU Classroom innovator brought science and art under same roof

by Elizabeth Finley, October 2014

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Featured Artist: Joana Ricou: Surface Markers Around the World

SlideLuck PotShow Global


Alô Portugal: Especial EUA (guest)

SIC Internacional

June 10th, 2014


Mulheres Portuguesas Homenageadas em Nova Iorque

Lusa, October 5, 2013 Notícias ao Minuto



Artista portuguesa recupera retrato de mulher que mudou o curso da ciência 

November, 2013


Joana Ricou - The artist that contains multitudes

Andreia Ferreira, July 2013, Villas & Golf Império




In the name of art (see to the right)

Cátia Matos, Feb/Mar 2013, Essential

Joana Ricou, Quando ciência e arte se juntam na mesma pessoa

Teresa Firmino, 28 Jan 2013, O Público

On-line preview:

A multiplicidade do ser está na linha da memóriaArtista plástica lusa inaugura exposição de arte inspirada em Biologia

Marlene Moura, 2013/01/10 Ciência Hoje


Este artigo foi também publicado em:

ONGs em Notícias (, Ouvi Dizer (, Universidade dos Açores (


exposição - Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil

Inês Alvim, 1/15/2013, lecool


Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil

LUX 21/­01/­2013


Exposição Joana Ricou

VIP 21/1/2013


Exposição “Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil” está no Edge Arts


Exposição de arte e Biologia Joana Ricou: Um, nenhum e Cem mil

Ciência 2.0 


“Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil” na Galeria Edge Arts11/01/13


Exposição “Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil” está no Edge Arts

Vida Imobiliária 09/01/2013


“Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil” na Galeria Edge Arts




Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil​​

14 Jan 2013 Don't Panic


Arte em Exposição

Sandra Martins Pereira 1/8/2013 Onde Ir

Do Portugal contemporâneo para o mundo

Filipe Pacheco 09 Novembro 2012 Jornal de Negócios 


The science is the message

Arielle Duhaime-Ross October 28, 2012, New York University 


One, Noone and One Hundred Thousand

Alice Losk October 11, 2012 Artsicle



Science and Art: Bridging the Gap

July 17, 2012 Emma Meryes Columbia University arts blog


Red, White and View Recap

Casey Kelbaugh March 23, 2012


Biology + Art = Joana Ricou

Jan 17, 2012 Dan Teran, Artsicle


Duquesne University professor teams with artist to create the "Spiral of Life"

November 2011 Sean Collier Pittsburgh


Member show profile: Science Class with Painter Joana Ricou

Nov 11, 20113rd Ward


Alumna's Paintings Appear in Two Hollywood Films

By Eric SlossCMU News 06-17-2010


Serious games deliberated at twin conferences this week 

Piece on health games that covers the videogame Poor Benny! about the immune system which I co-produced and served as science advisorGame Hunters, USA Today May 27, 2010


New exhibit hopes to intrigue next generation of researchers 

Includes a write-up on the museum kiosk "Dr. Allevable's Lab," with three videogames about regenerative medicine, that I co-produced and served as science advisor for.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette October 16th, 2009


Carnegie Mellon acolhe jovens «cérebros»portugueses para debaterem I&D - José Mariano Gago é convidado de honra 

April 7, 2010


Artscan - Carnegie Mellon University School of ArtMarch 2010


Carnegie Mellon University Press April 2009 Video and interviews about Art That Learns, an exhibit that combined installation art and machine learning. 


Darwin's 200th birthday celebrated

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteFebruary 6th, 2009

Coverage of Darwin2009 and the Spiral of Life mural series.


Arte de Olhos Postos na Ciencia (Art set its sights on Science) 

Ciencia Hoje (Portugal) December 2008 

Coverage of art installation at Forum Internacional de Investigadores Portugues VI (International Forum of Portuguese Researchers VI) 

(Note: text is in Portuguese)


Mellon College of Science Alumni Magazine, March 2007 

Piece on my collaboration with Dr. Alison Barth's to produce the painting Spines.



Art In Transit

Susie Meister for WQED, November 2006


Artscan, June 2006 (on-line publication)

Announcement of the second Female Art show.


Michael Machosky Art takes the Bus

Pittsburgh TRIBUNE-REVIEW, Friday, April 21, 2006 

Article on the Art In Transit with an interview with me and other involved artists, like Fred Zeleny who organized the initiative!


Artscan, April 2006 (on-line publication)Announcement of the Art In Transit initiative.


Susan Cribbs,"BSA Senior has Art on the Brain"Carnegie Mellon University Publication, May 2005 (web site)Full article on biography and the cover for The Journal of Neuroscience.


Artscan, May 2005 (on-line publication)Announcement of the publishing of "Mouse hippocampus.. " as a cover for the The Journal of Neuroscience issue of April 27th.


Pillbox Gallery, Pillbox MagazineThe Tartan, April 2005"And Sarah" was shown.


Marshall Roy, "Art Among Academia", Pillbox MagazineThe Tartan, 17 January 2005Description of permanent installation.


Eli Pousson, “Untitled 2004”The Tartan - Carnival issue. 29 March 2004 

A review on the art sale of CMU student and alumni that took place during

Carnival. Quote. 


Pillbox Gallery, Pillbox Magazine

The Tartan, 29 March 2004

"Sarah" was shown in the Pillbox Gallery. 


Kevin Chang, “Science and Technology”The Tartan, 22 March 2004One of the panels of “Sea urchin embryos...” was shown in conjunction with a caption describing my connections between art and science in the “Science and Technology" section. 


Daniella Kraut, ”Kaleidoscope at the Frame ”The Tartan, 22 February 2004. A review on the Bachelor of Science and Arts/Bachelor of Humanities and Arts annual show, at the Frame gallery.





Ricou, Joana; Dunn, Rob. Identidades híbridas: explorando individualidade e conetividade através do microbioma (Hybrid identities: exploring individuality and connectivity through the microbiome) Midas Museus e Estudos Interdisciplinares 5|2015

See article


Ricou, Joana.  Other Selves: an artistic study of the microbiome.  O'Reilly Media. Winter 2015. Free download >>


Ricou, Joana; Pollock, John A. The Tree, The Spiral And The Web of Life: A Visual Exploration of Biological Evolution for Public Murals. Leonardo Journal, 1:45 2012.  Free download >>


J. Ricou, D. Commisso, L. Gonzalez, J. A. Pollock. 201. Evaluation of Mural Series on the Evolution of Life. International Journal for Cross-Displinary Subjects in Education (IJCDSE), Volume 2, Issue 3, ISSN:  2042 6364 


Ricou, Joana; Pollock, John A; Commisso, Danielle. The Evolution of Evolution. Canada International Conference on Education, 2011. Talk and abstract published in Conference proceedings.


Pollock, John A; Gonzalez, Laura L; Ricou, Joana. Simulation video game based on the immune system, co-produced with immersive planetarium movie. Science + Society: Closing the Gap, Boston MA 2007.



Buraco mais embaixo (article)


TRIP Magazine 2017

How Biology shapes Philosophy (cover)

by David Livingstone Smith

Cambridge University Press (December 1, 2016)

Homo microbis: The Human Microbiome, Figural, Literal, Political 

by Stefan Helmreich, Thresholds no. 42: Human. Journal of the MIT Department of Architecture, 2014


We can do butter

by Lela Buttery, the Healist Press, 2013


Cover, Nature, June 14 2012
Inspired by Other Self, the Human Microbiome.


Studio Visit Spring 2012, vol 16


Encyclopedia Destructica: volume Bumba the Third


Encyclopedia Destructica: volume Bumba the Secondwith editor John Thomas Menesini 


Encyclopedia Destructica, volume Bumba

April 2006


Cover, The Journal of Neuroscience
April 27 2005 

 Studio Visit Spring 2012, vol 16
Joana Ricou interviewed by Arte Institute, 2011.



Children's Museum Annual Report 2010. 


Communicating Phylogeny: Evolutionary tree diagrams in museums
Teresa E. MacDonald ( University of Kansas Natural History Museum. Paper presented at the 2010 annual meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching. Philadelphia, PA


Littany. Art piece. 2010 Jessica Fenlon

Joana Ricou, copyright 2013

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