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Other Selves

Exploring the microbiome as an artistic medium

Joana Ricou. Other Selves: An Artistic Study of the Human Microbiome.

BioCoder O'Reilly Media. Winter 2015. pp. 29-34.  Free download >>

Ricou, Joana; Dunn, Rob. Identidades híbridas: explorando individualidade e conetividade através do microbioma (Hybrid identities: exploring individuality and connectivity through the microbiome) 

Midas Museus e Estudos Interdisciplinares 5|2015

See article


Bioart Summer Residency at the School of Visual Arts


North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences 


Finger prints and air prints

Me and my other self (selves)

Other self-portrait and Non self-portrait

Other landscapes

Bellybutton portraits

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