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Magic Mirror

Interactive projection, computer, web cam and projector/screen 

Variable dimensions (pictured about 4 ft x 6 ft) 


A projection on a wall appears to be simply showing the people and activity straight ahead, like a mirror. 
Closer inspection reveals that it's a delayed reflection; the viewers are seeing themselves a few seconds 
before. The interval is small enough to be barely detectable but unnerving, creating a tugging feeling of 
disconnect from every passing second. It's a mirror to the past, not to one past moment, but to the 
nearly infinite past moments that are continuously flitting by. 

This piece explores the processes of memory formation and memory recall in context and contrast with 
technological memory. The farther in the past the “memory” is, the more black and white it appears. 
Each frame deteriorates every time it is played. Mimicking biological memory, some moments are lost, 
skipped, while others are fast forwarded through and others still are replayed in slow motion.

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