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Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil

Inauguração Terça-feira, dia 15 de Janeiro entre as 6h30 – 8h30

Exposição na EdgeArts | Arte Contemporânea, Espaço Amoreiras na Rua D. João V nº 24, piso -1


Jan 15 - Fev 15 '13

Edge Arts

2a - 6a 14h-20h

Sab 12h - 16h

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One, No One and One Hundred Thousand proposes a scientific and artistic reading of the concept of memory developed by Portuguese artist Joana Ricou. Inspired by the title of the work of Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936), the artist explores the tension between the need for continuity and the natural state of multiplicity of the body and mind, between change and sameness, identity and transience. Using biology as a starting point for the study of boundaries and fragmentation in the human body, Joana Ricou presents in this, her first solo exhibit in Portugal, the series Multitudes (painting and works on wood and paper), paintings from the series Henrietta Lacks or HeLa cells searching, and the site-specific installation 60 kilos of Human Being (Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium and sulfur).

The exhibit includes also the works of guest artists Beatriz Albuquerque, Adam J. Thompson of the Deconstructive Theater Project, Glenn Wonsettler and João Chaves who approach the theme of memory through performance and video art.

Felisa Perez


Works by Joana Ricou

I’m interested in the idea that we each are many – and that from moment to moment, we shift, split, merge, cooperate, compete or ignore ourselves. My home, my studio and my phone are covered in notes and reminders, an endless exercise in attempting to connect each moment to the next, or to the one that comes after that. The work is inspired by recent research on memory that mirrors this daily impression. I found that the artistic processes of painting and transfer parallel the biological processes of memory formation and recall (reconsolidation). They are lossy processes: we make a selection of what we want to retain and don’t want to retain, at the same time that a level of noise means that some information is kept and lost randomly. In the step of drawing or painting, the source is destroyed or modified, and the parallel is with the step of memory reconsolidation, when we reinterpret our memories, or past selves, stringing them together in a narrative, filling them with meaning and massaging them to fit our mood and circumstance.

Joana Ricou, Nov. 2012

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Works on wood, one panel 230 eu

Works on wood, two panels 300 eu 

Paintings 900-1500 eu

Works on paper 100 eu (framed)

Works on paper sold out. New available by commission.

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001 412 956 5384

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Joana Ricou, copyright 2013

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