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Joana Ricou, Um, Nenhum e Cem Mil na EdgeArts, dia 15 de Janeiro

Show opening Tuesday, January 15th at 18h30 at Edge Arts, R. D. Joao V, no. 24, piso -1. This exhibit has travelled from New York City to Lisbon, Portugal! We gathered some illustrious friends along the way, including Beatriz Albuquerque, the Deconstructive Theater Experience, Glenn Wonnsettler and Joao Chaves.

Check out the show's web site here or visit edge-arts.org.

Most recent press: Quando ciência e arte se juntam na mesma pessoa, by Teresa Firmino, 28 Jan 2013, n' O Público (all press)



Joana Ricou, Nature Cover



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Art in Progress Blog

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